Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions stated below carefully and ensure you understand and agree to them before making your booking.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions when confirming your hire “golfclubs4hire” will make payment in full for the period stated. Also by agreeing to these terms and conditions you accept and allow “golfclubs4hire” to take payment from the specified credit card for any loss, damage, stolen and for any other reason specified below.


1. Booking Terms

The minimum hire duration is 1 day and maximum 4 weeks.“golfclubs4hire” will make all reasonable effort to make sure you are provided with the exact equipment you have ordered. But please note when this is not possible due to late returns, lost or stolen equipment any other factors out of our control “golfclus4hire” will replace the order with a similar standard of equipment.


2. Payments

All payments made to “golfclubs4hire” will be made through PayPal or a Spanish TPV terminal by a Local Bank. By confirming the booking, hirers are authorizing “golfclubs4hire” to charge the credit card for any amounts due plus any extra costs through loss or damage to clubs, stolen and non returned equipment plus any other costs stated within these terms and conditions.


3. Prices

All prices are stated on the web site, and are subject to change without notice. Once booking is made the prices is fixed and will not change. All cost quoted are inclusive of tax.


4. Receiving and Returning of Equipment

Equipment must be picked up from one of “golfclubs4hire” pickup points as specified when making the booking and returned to the same point. If clubs are not picked up within a 24 hour window then the booking will be deemed cancelled and no cost will be refunded. Note pickups will only be able to be made during the specified opening times of that location.

When making multiple bookings a copy of each person’s passport must be given to the pickup point a long with the copy of the booking and a valid credit card.
When the delivery option is selected when making the booking, the specified name on the booking only will be able to take delivery of the clubs.

When receiving the clubs a further contract will need to be filled out stating passport details and a valid credit card.


5. Care of equipment

Hirers are required to return the clubs in the same condition they were when hired.
Not to use for any other purpose other than for what the equipment has been designed to be used. 
Allow “golfclubs4hire” to carry out any urgent repairs when necessary.
The hirer must inform “golfclubs4hire” in the event of any fault or defect


6. Cancellation

More than 14 Days a 20% handling charge 
Within 14 days 50%
Within 7 days no refund
For unused days there will be no refund and extensions will be done on per a day bases based on the request from the hirer.


7. Failure to Return Clubs

Failure to return the hired equipment on the final day of Hire as specified in the booking “golfclubs4hire” will result in charging the clients credit card in full for the retail prices as specified below.

Golf Club Broken or Damaged Club Lost or Stolen
Driver 70€ 350€
Wood 70€ 250€
Iron 60€ 110€
Putter 50€ 149€
Club Covers 15€ 15€
Golf Bag 90€ 90€


8. Failure to Return Clubs

The Lost or Stolen cost is reduced when Insurance is taken out and the costs are in the table below. For damaged clubs the head of the club must be returned in order for the insurance to be valid. Where the head of the club is not returned the full amount will be charged as Lost or Stolen.

Golf Club Broken or Damaged Club Lost or Stolen
Driver 0€ 150€
Wood 0€ 85€
Iron 0€ 60€
Putter 0€ 70€
Club Covers 0€ 0€
Golf Bag 0€ 0€


9. Equipment Ownership

All equipment shall remain the property of “Golfclubs4hire” and the client may not sell or re-hire to any third party.